The CFO Leadership Council is a community of senior financial executives, dedicated to developing strong professional development opportunities at all levels, from controllers to CFOs. Our community is a nationwide group of knowledge seekers from all industries who come together to help solve each other’s challenges and celebrate successes.

Meet Our President, Becky Blackler:


Meet Our Founder, Jack McCullough:



Our History

Founded in 2006, The CFO Leadership Council began as an informal gathering of finance executives who wanted to build lasting connections with their peers in a comfortable, confidential setting.

Originally named “The CFO RoundTable,” our close community has grown organically over time, counting 1,000+ members across 16 chapters, all of whom are senior financial executives who actively drive the organization through their feedback and insight. Our monthly in-person events feature expert panels and interactive sessions whose content is selected and curated by our membership and Steering Committees. Our sponsors and partners are a select group of relevant industry leaders.

Our Future

And we’re not stopping there. Over the next few years, we will add more Leadership Councils in other metro areas, delivering the value and power of our community to senior financial executives nationwide. We will engage with the future generation of leadership with our Controllers Councils. We will continue to support the work of local partners and national affiliates, as well as support the communities in which we work through our charitable giving.

And all of this will be done with a singular focus and mission in mind: to develop strong, ethical leadership at all professional levels, from Controller to CFO.

Interested in learning more about us?  Meet some of our Steering Committee members and get the inside scoop on what makes us the "go to" resource for financial professionals nationwide.